Payday Advance

The quick and easy way to obtain needed cash between paydays. Applying for a Payday Advance is simple.

We can approve you in minutes.

It’s that easy!

We provide advances on a wide range of incomes including

CPP, ODSP, Child tax (must be direct deposit).

However if you are unsure about your particular source of income, please feel free to give us a call. We are here to help.                                  1-705-329-2274

Here’s what you need to bring with you

in order to apply for a Payday Advance:

1)  Proof of Income

2)  Most recent pay stub

3)  Pay stub over 3 months old

4)  Bank Account 2 months up to date banking

5)  Blank cheque or PAD form

6)  Personal Information, 18 years old or older

     Government photo ID and SIN

7)  Phone bill or a bill with your name and             address on it.

Cheque Cashing

Why wait for cheques to clear the bank when you can come to the Hock Shop and get them cashed instantly!

Hock Shop Orillia offers a convenient low-fee (2.9%) cheque cashing service for our customers who receive the following types of cheques:

Payroll Cheques

Post-dated Government or Payroll Cheques

Government Tax Cheques and GST/HST Cheques

Cash 5 cheques, get 1 free! (0%)

**Payday and Cheque Cashing notice**

Starting Jan. 2020, Payday and Cheque Cashing will be closed on Saturdays and Sundays.

Payday Loan & Cheque Cashing